Computer Repair, Sales and more!

Servicing Hinckley, Isle, Milaca, Mora, Ogilvie, Pine City and the east central Minnesota area since 1997.

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However, if possible, bringing your computer in is strongly recommended. This saves us time and you money!

Enhance PC Security and Performance

Computer hardware and software repair and upgrades, system diagnostics, virus, malware, spyware and adware removal, data recovery and password for login reset, PC optimization and tune-ups, corrupt operating system, operating system installs/updates and upgrades, data backup solutions

Custom Built Mid-High Range PCs

For gamers and other high-end applications. Many of our systems built in the 1990's retired of old age and out dated (they still worked)

Connected Nationally With Several Other IT Companies

Government agencies and proprietary vendors


Small electronics and computers are free.
Monitors have a small fee - call for details (320) 225-2000.